Reaching Your Reluctant Reader

Reaching Your Reluctant Reader Book Cover

What is a reluctant reader and how did one get into my house?

I was shocked when I realized my 11-year-old son ranked reading a book right up there with taking out the trash and cleaning up after the dog. I grew up as an avid reader, so I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this reluctance to read. I went online to look for help and was discouraged by the ideas I found there. So, I can up with my own plan to try to get my son excited about reading. And it worked! He’s now an avid reader who carries books with him wherever he goes.

The good news is that any parent who wants to get their child reading can replicate the steps I took. While I wrote a middle grade novel as part of the process, you can accomplish the same results using great books that already exist in the world. I hope you try this program because the overcome can be incredible and the process can be a lot of fun for you both you and your child. Good luck!


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“One of the sharper arrows in my parenting quiver!”

– Martha Biemann

“Thank you Jeff Gunhus for a process I can follow to help instill the love of reading in my youngest daughter.”

– Tracy Meneses

“This book has given me a few ideas to try with my girls. Just this Christmas my 12 year old actually asked for a series of books. I think it might be working.”

– Pamela Marks

“As a father of 4, I feel like I am constantly battling for my kids time. Video games, T.V. , sports, homework, family time and of course reading. Their time with a book seems to lose the battle more often than the other distractions they have in life. Reaching Your Reluctant Reader has given me some new tools and renewed energy to fight the good fight.”

– Jason Reid

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Publisher: Seven Guns Press
Published: February 2013
ISBN-10: 0988425939
ISBN-13: 978-0988425934