No Parachute Required

No Parachute Required Book Cover
Translating Your Passion Into a Paycheck--and a Career

“Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it,” says the successful and young entrepreneur as he offers a hipper and smarter answer to What Color Is Your Parachute for Generation Y.

There are more young entrepreneurs and opportunities in today’s job market than ever before. People fresh out of college or looking to change careers have more advanced skill sets and a greater level of sophistication than those who traveled the same road just a decade before. This prescriptive guide to career management is written by someone who’s been there, done it well, and helped thousands of others in the process.

Filled with real-world advice that counsels as it encourages, it fuses easy-to-follow exercises with practical tips on everything from the all-important interview to overcoming rejection to the art of top-down job hunting. It takes readers step-by-step over bumps in the road — such as the pre-life crisis, common career traps, and what to do if you’re offered a job you’re not sure you want. It helps new grads or those newly dissatisfied to focus on what they need to make them happy in a career. Most important, it will reassure anyone facing a new career that discovering and pursuing their passions will lead to far more than just a paycheck.


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“…a soup-to-nuts career book with a twist. Hip and aware…(the) chapter on your inevitable and upcoming ‘Prelife Crisis’ is priceless.”

– BookPage

“No Parachute Required has given me the inspiration to grab my diploma and then take charge of my life. I now feel I have the tools I need to turn what I learned in class into something meaningful for my future.”

– Tracy Meneses

“No Parachute Required provides a thorough map for individuals looking to move off the couch and into a rewarding career. The book looks at numerous career opportunities and provides specific answers to the question, “What do I have to do?” Jeff focuses on traditional and non-traditional employment alike, providing a method to increase “what you know” as well as use it. The book provides answers what ever you goals may be, even if you have not set them yet. As an employer, I strongly recomend this book. I consider it a must-read for anyone looking at leaving the lap of luxury (life at University is a vacation compared to the “real world”) and entering the work force, civil service, entrepreneurism, or anything else that does not involve living with your parents.”

– Matthew Kennedy Stewart, President of Young Entrepreneurs Organization

The Details

Publisher: Hyperion
Published: April 2001
ISBN-10: 0786885513
ISBN-13: 978-0786885510