Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call Book Cover
What Every Young Adult Must Know To Survive Today's Job Market

Are you ready to face the toughest job market in a generation? How will you compete with the thousands of unemployed workers with significant prior experience willing to take an entry-level position? The world has changed…and that change has not been good for you.

    • FACT: Jobless rates for college graduates has doubled in the last two years.
    • FACT: Over 2 million graduates are unemployed.
    • FACT: Only 19.7% of graduating seniors landed a job before graduation.

WAKE UP CALL delivers the tools you need to survive today’s job market. – Understand the long term impact the economy will have on employer attitudes…and how to turn it to your advantage. – Transform yourself into a superior candidate once you know the skills employers really want. – Ace any interview with proven techniques guaranteed to get you noticed.

Whether you are a freshman looking for an internship, a graduating senior searching for a career, or someone who just never seemed to get their life going, you need every possible advantage you can get in today’s job market…and you need it now. WAKE UP, smell the recession and let’s get to work.



“Wake Up Call is the perfect resource for the new grad who wants to know what an interviewer is looking for in a candidate.”

– Gloria J. Frost

“If you are a parent looking to encourage your students to excel, read this book.
If you are a student looking to separate yourself from your peers (And job competitors), read this book.”

– Benjamin I. Friberg

“I loved this book, it opened my eyes to the importance of the decisions I was making as a sophomore in college. It helped me find the right kind of jobs and internships that helped me get to where I am today. I recommend it to everyone!”

– Jonathan Jensen

“Wake Up Call was a great book that helped me understand how to prepare for the job market after I graduate. It gave me ideas of things I should and shouldn’t do to prepare myself for the career I want. It’s very easy to read and understand and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re already in a career and looking for a switch.”

– Arrin Wray

The Details

Publisher: Seven Guns Press
Published: September 2009
ISBN-10: 1448655072
ISBN-13: 978-1448655076