Silent Threat

Silent Threat Book Cover
A Scott & Mara Roberts Thriller

A father charged with treason. A daughter sent to kill him. A shocking conspiracy that changes all the rules of the spy game for a new generation . . .

With more than a dozen kills under her belt, ex-Marine Mara Roberts is one of the Agency’s most reliable assassins. But her latest target—a convicted traitor about to be released from prison—is different than her other marks. He’s a former agent who betrayed his country. He’s responsible for the death of Mara’s mother. And he happens to be Mara’s father . . .

Scott Roberts knows that his daughter was sent to kill him. He realizes he has only one chance to change her mind, to convince her that he’s been framed for treason—and that every member of their family are pawns to be sacrificed, one by one. Mara isn’t sure she can trust her father. He is a master of manipulation, as ruthless as he is resourceful. But when her nephew is abducted, she agrees to follow Scott’s lead and expose the global elites who are pulling the strings. To be successful, they must learn to trust one another. But in this world, nothing is what it seems, and trust can get you killed.  

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“With an alpha female heroine and a tantalizing premise, this hard-edged, gripping thriller matches wits and wiles, delivering an entertaining romp.”

– Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“Super-high stakes, super-high concept and super-charged action. This propulsive spy thriller changes all the rules — it will have you holding your breath until you discover the final shocking truth. Jeffrey Gunhus Is a terrific talent.”

– Hank Phillippi Ryan New York Times bestselling author

“Thought-provoking, SILENT THREAT is a brilliantly written thriller. Breakneck twists, political intrigue and bristling action scenes — Jeff Gunhus writes with a gripping and gritty authority.”

– Simon Gervais, former RCMP counterterrorism and NYT bestselling author of HUNT THEM DOWN

Daddy issues? SILENT THREAT is the book for you. When CIA assassin Mara Roberts is tasked with taking our her hit man father, a passionate, powerful story unfolds—part thriller, part family saga—and all guns blazing. Gunhus’ gift of capturing the human spirit leaves you pondering the novel long after you whip past the final page. Unputdownable.”

– K.J. Howe, International bestselling author of SKYJACK

The Details

Publisher: Kensington Books
Published: January 2020
ISBN-10: 1496726219
ISBN-13: 978-1496726216